Book Launch: Architecture through Drawing

Join us at The Architect's Bookshop on Tuesday 3 December, from 6:30pm, to celebrate the Australian launch of Architecture through Drawing, the latest publication from the UK's Drawing Matters and Lund Humphries.

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Architecture through Drawing examines how drawing – as both action and object – encapsulates complex ideas relating to culture, technology, space and the built environment. Bringing together an array of beautiful and rarely seen drawings dating from the sixteenth century to the present day, all representing different geographical locations, techniques, methodologies and purposes, the book defines a new field for the subject of the drawing in architecture. It reveals the motives for architectural drawing beyond the requirement to document the processes that underpin the realisation of the architectural object.

This book asks, fundamentally, whether drawings can illuminate new interpretations of architectural experimentation. Examples range from initial sketches by architects to analytical and construction drawings, perspectives and schematics, collage and more complex presentations and paintings often carried out in association with others.

Featuring contributions from UTS' Desley Luscombe and Charles Rice and edited by Desley Luscombe, Helen Thomas and Niall Hobhouse this book is both beautiful and enlightening.