Book Launch - Architectures of Prediction by Francesca Hughes

Join us from 6:30pm on Thursday 28th November to celebrate the Australian launch of 'Architectures of Prediction' by Francesca Hughes


Architectures of Prediction is the latest book by English architectural theorist Francesca Hughes. Compiling three of her most recent essays, this new ARQ DOCS explores the futility of architecture’s various systems of measure and prediction in order to disarm the filthy logics to which they attend. The essays examine three predictive architectures central to architectural reproduction: the algorithm, the measured survey and the bell curve. “Truth is in the Tower” recovers Ramon Llull’s efforts in the medieval age to devise a machine (the first computer?) to calculate the truth. “Inequalities of Ice” examines how the aestheticization of measurement systems ends up betraying measurement itself. “Double blind” finally, explores how the logics of statistics and standardisation represented by the claustrophobic space inside the bell curve somehow predefine contemporary domestic interiors.

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Biography - Architectural theorist, educator, and commentator on architecture’s transforming relationship to technology, Francesca Hughes is Head of the School of Architecture at University of Technology Sydney. Since the mid-nineties she has taught both design studios and history and theory at the Architectural Association and the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, in London where she is from. Francesca has lectured widely in the US, Australia and Europe and has published several books among which we can highlight The Architecture of Error: Matter, Measure and the Misadventures of Precision (MIT Press, 2014), Drawings that Count (AA Publications, 2012), or The Architect: Reconstructing her Practice (MIT Press, 1996)