Staff Christmas Wish List #1: Tom

As we begin to roll deeper into December, we will be taking a moment to see what the staff of The Architect's Bookshop are asking Santa for this year. First up is Tom, an interior architect by training and a fan of 20th century vernacular architecture. Assuming he's on the good list this year, here is what Tom is asking for...

1. Residential Masterpieces 29: MLTW - The Sea Ranch

Set in a northern Californian idyll, the Sea Ranch has always been entranced me with its humble architectures that melt into the landscape. The beautiful large format photos of GA's Residential Masterpieces capture this, along with vibrant and personal interiors of the individual homes on the ranch.

Sea Ranch

MLTW, Unit 9 (Moore's house), The Sea Ranch - Photo: © Yukio and Yoshio Futagawa

2. Black Mountain: An Interdisciplinary Experiment 1933-57 (Second Edition)

The history of Black Mountain, an experimental school in North Carolina, has been beautifully collated in this publication from Spector Books. Archival photos, reproduced articles and contemporary commentary make this a thorough account of America's own Bauhaus.

3. Rammed Earth - Tradition and Potential

Both a history of rammed earth's use in Central Europe and a documentation of contemporary research into the material, Rammed Earth, is a beautiful book on a material thats popularity continues to grow. 

4. Powerhouse: The Life and Work of Judith Chafee

The first comprehensive account of Judith Chafee explores the architect's beginnings as a student of Paul Rudolph and an employee of Walter Gropius and Eero Saarinen. This is followed by a detailed examination of the sensitive desert architecture she produced over a long career.

Judith Chafee, Ramada House, Tucson, Arizona. Photo: © Bill Timmerman