Staff Christmas Wish List #3: Ellie

Third on our list for Christmas wishes is Ellie - Ellie is an interior architecture student interested in sustainable and inclusive design for our future cities. Here are her picks this Christmas…

1. Non-Referential Architecture

This important publication frames the needs for the future of architecture by outlining seven key principles, all of which encourage forward striving, participatory and innovative design solutions that work to create socially and culturally valuable buildings. A must-have for every architect!

2. Olafur Eliasson in Real Life

A wonderful compilation of the work of Olafur Eliasson. Including his own conversations with architects, anthropologists, psychologists and more, this book gives you an insight to the design process and thoughts of the immersive, sensorial and experimental works of his studio. 

3. In Time With Water

In a time where change is critical to protect our planet, Architecture needs to more urgently understand and respond to its site and the environment. This publication is the perfect way to understand the complexity of the water systems exisiting along side our Australian cities.

4. Affordable Housing

Exploring a range of European affordable housing case studies, this book breaks down the big issues threatening the affordability of housing, whilst proposing active solutions for our future cities.

5. Real Urbanism: Decisive Interventions

A study of post modern urbanism and experiments, this book explores both what a city is and what it needs to be. An important read for the next generation of designers.