AV Monographs 206 ; Lan 2007-2018

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LAN (Local Architecture Network), based in Paris, was founded in 2002 by Benoît Jallon (Grenoble, 1972) and Umberto Napolitano (Naples, 1975). Encompassing social and urban issues as well as debates on form and environmental and economic factors, LAN’s work seeks going beyond the vital cycle of users through the studied indetermination of the structures in their buildings, which are in this way able to adapt to possible changes of function throughout the years, and to the abstraction of their compositive language.

This line of research can be found in the twenty projects included in this issue of AV Monographs, almost all of them built in France, and a good part of them in Paris and its environs.


Three Essays

Urban Geometries, by Alexandre Labasse
Material Skins, by Amale Andraos
Learning from Haussmann, by Umberto Napolitano

Twenty Projects

Care Center and 10 housing Units, 2007-2018, Paris XVIII (France)
30 Public Housing Units, 2007-2014, Paris xXX (France)
Marchesini New Headquarters, 2006-2008, Saint Mesmes (France)
Student Residence, 2007-2011, Paris XVIIIi (France)
EDF Archive Center, 2008-2011, Bure-Saudron (France)
Gymnasium and Esplanade, 2008-2012, Chelles (France)
Masterplan and 33 Housing Units, 2008-2013, Hamburg (Germany)
Renovation of 709 Housing Units, 2009-2015, Lormont (France)
79 Housing Units, 2009-2015, Bègles (France)
40 Housing Units and Retail, 2010-2014, Paris XVII (France)
City Hall and Training Center, 2010-2016, Saint Jacques-de-la-Lande (France)
Office Building, 2010-2014, Lille (France)
72 Housing Units in La Marine, 2011-2016, Colombes (France)
Minimum-Security Prison, 2011-, Nanterre (France)
BankMed Headquarters, 2012-, Beirut (Lebanon)
Masterplan and Residential Tower, 2013-2018, Nantes (France)
Grand Palais Restoration, 2014-, Paris VIII (France)
Le Maillon Theater, 2014-, Strasbourg (France)
Saint-Urbain Mixed-use Development, 2016-, Strasbourg (France)
Wooden Tower, 2017-, Paris XIII (France)