Materiality: Brick and Block in Contemporary Australian Architecture

Dry Press Publishing

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There is a long and ancient historical legacy whereby human beings set out to create buildings that embody form, function, utility, beauty and, dare one say, meaning. Buildings tell us a great deal about how we see ourselves, our aspirations, or how we simply need to stop and gaze in wonder at human creativity. The built environment, as it is usually referred to by architects and urban designers, has always been shaped by the basic need for shelter, but also by other forces. Places of work, worship, education, entertainment, health care, buildings in which we commence and end journeys, shrines, monuments, temples are built for a purpose and require explanation. With over 850 colour, black & white plates, architectural diagrams, and hand-drawn illustrations, this book provides insights into the use of brick and block masonry in Australian contemporary architecture. As a collection of case studies, essays and technical articles, it explores the creative endeavour of both the individual and the collective. For the architect/designer: consider the achievement of your colleagues, but kw that one, single case study or feature is part of a much wider body of work. For those open to ideas and different perspectives: draw inspiration for future projects. For those who inhabit places of learning: discover the inventive and artful in the use of brick and block masonry. For the general reader: this collection is a snapshot of Australian design that deserves recognition.