Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses


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Painting your house is expensive: get it right, first time, with Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses, a book which has helped to change the face of Australia. Colour schemes from this book can be seen on old houses and buildings in the suburbs, towns and countryside of Australia. These are all original, authentic schemes, created at different periods between about 1820 and 1940, and collected by careful paint scrapes on houses throughout Australia. There are 42 exterior schemes and 24 room schemes, complete with stencil patterns and suggested wallpapers. With this book, anyone can give their old house a traditional scheme of decoration or devise a new scheme of their choice. Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses is a major contribution to the preservation and sympathetic enhancement of Australia's heritage of old buildings. It's also an essential item of equipment for every painter, decorator, or old house owner.