The Grotta Home by Richard Meier

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An extensive look into the Grotta Home by Richard Meier, from conception to creation.  A 'vessel for living' — such were the words Glenn Adamson used to describe the remarkable residence of the Grotta Home. Richard Meier designed it to house Sandra and Louis Grotta's collection of contemporary studio jewellery and significant works in wood, ceramic and fibre. The building was conceived around the collection, framing the objects within the open architecture, which comprises an equal blend of glass and concrete. Nature, visible from many vantage points, plays an essential supporting role. The Grotta Home by Richard Meier: A Marriage of Architecture and Craft is rich in photographs of the collection and provides impressive insights into this exceptionally personal project. The accompanying essays afford the reader a greater sense of how the Grottas have not simply acquired art, but have immersed themselves in it.