Purchasing with a Gift Card



Over the past year we have issued a number of gift cards and are excited for them to be used!  

The current capability of our website doesn't allow gift cards to be used online; however we have developed the following process to allow you to use your gift card.

Send us an email with to hello@thearchitectsbookshop.com.au with 'Gift Card Order' in the subject line and include the following information: 

1. A photo of the back of the card - Take a photo of the back of your gift card so we can check the balance and process the payment.

2. The name of the book - you can send us the title of the book(s) that you would like to order or a link to the book(s) from our website.

3. Your details - we need your name, address, email and phone number

If the value of your selection exceeds the amount on the card, we will ring you and take credit card payment over the phone for the balance. Unfortunately due to the limited shipping of new titles into Australia, we aren't able to make any special orders which means we are limited to the stock you see on the website.

Once the order is processed you will receive a confirmation email with shipping / delivery details.

Happy shopping!