A+U 19: 09 Issue 588 Heinz Bienefeld- Drawing Collection

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a+u’s September 2019 issue features Heinz Bienefeld (1926–1995), a German architect. Together with our guest editor, Wilfried Wang, who as a director of the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) curated an exhibition dedicated to Heinz Bienefeld in 1999, this collaborative issue introduces 5 buildings selected from Bienefeld’s 180 projects.

Bienefeld was born in Krefeld, and practiced mainly in suburban Cologne. His body of work is mostly limited to small houses and churches, and he seldom spoke of it. During the production of this issue, we were given an opportunity to see the original drawings at the DAM archives and to visit a number of his projects— including some of the featured works on a tour guided by his son, Nikolaus Bienefeld. Seeing the documents and the created spaces first-hand, we are able to, however partially, understand Bienefeld’s ideas behind his choice of details, materials, proportions, and scales. This issue includes 164 drawings, together with extensive descriptions of the projects and drawings by Wilfried Wang, to help our readers understand the working method of Heinz Bienefeld.