Carlo Scarpa and Castelvecchio Revisited

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This book is simply amazing. By all accounts Castelvecchio is a masterwork. However, even after a visit the project holds many mysteries. Richard Murphy provides an extraordinarily guide to understanding and appreciating this renowned work by Carlo Scarpa. Murphy displays a deep knowledge of this dense and rich project, and his tools are varied and mutually supportive. First are wonderful and copious photographs of the project as it now exists. Second are the great numbers of wonderfully reproduced drawings by the architect, including sketches, alternative design studies, and detail drawings. Third are archival photographs of the building before and during the lengthy and complex process of renovation. Fourth are Murphy's own diagrams that elucidate the complexities of Scarpa's designs. Finally, the annotations to the visual material are clear, with an extraordinary amount of cross-referencing. This enables one to comprehend the project in a multiplicity of ways. In addition to the vast amount of visual material, the well written text provides a more conventional means by which to engage the project.

One could open this book to any page and appreciate its format, clarity and beauty. I think it will reward endless encounters. It is a work that any architect, or person entranced by the field, will treasure.