Melbourne, Sydney; References, Reflections and Remarks


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This is first book coming from the School of Architecture at UTS. It examines the decades-long architectural controversy between both cities inviting its protagonists to weigh in. Guest edited by Guillermo Fernández-Abascal and Urtzi Grau, it includes texts by AKAS, Baracco+Wright, Andrew Burns, Angelo Candalepas, Scott Colman, Edition Office, Philip Goad, Tristen Hardwood, Mike Hewson, Luisa King, Andrew Leach, Carey Lyon, Desley Luscombe, Ian Moore, Other Architects, panovscott, Andrew Power, Howard Raggatt, Gerard Reinmuth, Sibling Architecture, Richard Stampton, Naomi Stead, Luke Tipene, TRIAS, Leon Van Schaik and John Wardle.

This publication is the first one of the series: UTS da Waranada gunyamara bamulmara/ Architecture and Landscape at UTS and is published in collaboration with the design collective Post-Post-.