Michael Suttor: Master of Proportion

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The renowned Australian architect Michael Suttor shows his signature style of architecture with glorious proportions and close involvement in all decisions to produce homes of enduring elegance. His work as shown in the book is contemporary, classic, and dateless. The book features 12 showcased homes situated on spectacular harborside sites with sketches, text and colored high definition photographs by Italian photographer Luca Villata to highlight the sense of proportion that enhances the fine architecture of each building. As an inquisitive young boy always interested in how things worked, Michael excelled in Euclidean geometry, calculus, and physics. Outside of school, he delighted in building cubby houses, engines, and mini race cars. He originally intended to study structural engineering, but the creative character of architecture and the building of more permanent structures captured his imagination. Today, the man often called the "Palladio of Australian architecture" is widely recognised as being endowed with a seventh sense - an understanding of proportion that results in a sense of calmness and serenity. People appreciate this nuance but do not always pinpoint why. In many of his homes, he uses the malleability of metal and the crafting of stone to create individual ironwork for each house.