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Published by Taschen, Prouvé provides a compact insight into the career of Jean Prouvé, one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. French-born Prouvé (1901–1984) became known for his prefabricated buildings, understated style and utilization of new techniques. The book was written by a Nils Peters, a German architect and art historian, and it is part of Taschen’s Basic Architecture series that presents life and work of internationally renowned architects with approximately 120 photographs, sketches and drafts. Editor of the collection is the German art historian Peter Gössel.

French architect and designer Jean Prouvé innovated crisp, economical construction designs, marrying inexpensive materials and mass production with aesthetic elegance and technical brilliance. His simple, graceful style is an inimitable expression of midcentury innovation, expansion, and growth, and secured his place as one of the century’s most influential designers.